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curved sectional sofa with recliner

Curved Sectional Sofa With Recliner Reviews

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Find the largest options of modern curved sectional sofa with recliner at our site. Here you can found the famous curved sectional sofa with recliner.

BXS- 8802 Brown Top Grain Leather Home Theater Curved Motion Sectional Sofas

BXS- 8327 Black Top Grain Leather Home Theater Curved Motion Sectional Sofas

Furniture of America Camden 4-Piece Sectional Sofa with Recliners and Built-In Drink Holders

Furniture of America Conan Bonded Leather Match Sectional Sofa with 2 Recliners

Furniture of America Patton Sectional 2-Recliner Sofa

Wholesale Interiors Curved Sectional Sofa With Recliner

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  1. This sofa is really firm. Kind of like waiting room furniture. I like it but everyone who sits on it is surprised by its firmness. It is also shallow -- meaning that when you sit on it, the edge of the seat hits you about mid thigh instead of at the knee. If you removed the back cushions and just used throw pillows or something, then it feels like a normal seat depth. It is not very comfortable to sleep on for which I am grateful. Our old couch was like the living room bed and I hated that!! We have had this for about a month and the cushions are already starting to dip a little but they aren't getting any softer. I only paid about 350.00 delivered for this sofa, so I got what I paid for. I like the size, about 76 inches I think, which is about 10 inches shorter than your average sofa.This is just what we needed for our oddly laid-out family room. It does not in any way appear to be real leather. But I must say that the stitching is well done and straight. It cleans up pretty well with a diaper wipe or some spray cleaner. I have always prefered leather furniture because of dog hair. It was packaged very well with no damage on unpacking. Mine came via UPS and the delivery man brought it right up to my front door, but I must tell you that he and I are on a first name basis. The lining on the bottom of the couch unzips and thats where some of the cushions and the legs were packed. Very clever design -- made for being shipped. The back seat cushions cannot be turned around because the bottom third of them is some sort of felty material. I believe this is so that they have some give to them when you sit back -- so that the air can vent out. The seat cushions are quite heavy and don't slide around (yet) when you get up so I haven't had to adjust or "make" the couch. If you want to add throw pillows, they don't stay propped up because the couch is kind of slippery. Would I buy it again? Possibly. I wanted a white leather couch. I know how impractical that is, so this fit the bill in the price range and I will probably re-decorate again in a year or two, so this wasn't a huge investment. Comfort wise, it's passable but definitely not cozy. Also, only 2 people can be seated "comfortably". The guy in the middle is just in the way. By the way, I saw this exact couch in different fabric selections and colors on the Walmart website. I believe it was on sale for 319.00 in case polyurethane is not your thing. Too bad I saw it after mine was delivered.